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About Us

PPM Value is a multifaceted organisation headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra that helps businesses evolve through its impeccable services in various aspects. We assist in recruitment, IT Development, Branding & everything that your business requires to grow in the long-run.

We Provide a Dedication Services for you

Your business might be your passion, that fuels you to do everything for its best. But there might be instances when everything starts bundling up & gives you headaches.
If you need expert guidance to handle your business more effectively, then don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Explore the perks we’ll provide & get unfettered support by our team to expand your Business online & offline


Impeccable Client Service

Consulting Companies through our expertise in Business Management
Demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement.


Utmost Integrity

Ensuring honesty & trust Providing high-end services that are reliable & efficient.We are more than just a recruitment agency


Extensive Teamwork

Leveraging and sharing our human resources, management tools, immense knowledge & talent for the fulfilment of organisational goals.



Ensuring transparency in Protocols & Operations.Providing relevant metrics/measures for evaluation.
Communicating action & result.

Our Values

There is no way to augment overall efficiency & productivity in Human Resources without the presence of intangible values that impact the working levels of employees considerably.

Teamwork & Inclusion

When a company is inclusive, employees feel free to contribute their opinions and ideas; they believe their work has real value.

Quality Results

We believe that talent should not go in vain. We guarantee flexibility in our services accordingly as the need arises.

Collaborative communication & transparency

We are not trying to undervalue other factors which lead to great successes.

Improvement & innovation

It requires a different mental model  creation of something fundamentally new and different from what we’ve experienced before.

Excellence in service

We understand the importance of maintaining a high profile and projecting a good image. we can guarantee to provide a first class service.

Honesty, Integrity & Trust

Being honest with your customers is important to gain their loyalty, earn their trust and successfully building credibility for your brand.

Our Mission

We solely focus on rendering you uncompromised recruitment services through maintenance of strategic partnerships & collaboration with multiple agencies that get you highly-trained, self-motivated & dedicated candidates for your organisation while fostering the quality of present workforce by ensuring various parameters like health, safety, efficiency & much more.While promising you such perks, we take advantage of bestowing professionals the best employment opportunities & work environment by getting them placed in your organisation.PPM is an employer of choice – implying that we assist in expanding organisational capacity in the favour of high recruitment requirements.

Preliminary screening & Personal Interview

Personally interviewing the candidates to assess their Key Result Areas (KRA’s) Job title & Job location, etc to ensure that they are well enough for offering employment opportunities.

Validation by Companies

Sending Resumes of qualified candidates for further validation to Companies.

Finding the apt candidates

No matter what the designation, you will get highly professional candidates that will fit well in the role.

Background checks

Evaluating  Candidate’s employment history & references through quick analysis. 

Our Approach

Our rigorous & dedicated approach to ease business for you is inspired from the hunger of success- we crave devising feasible & pragmatic solutions that not only increase the viability of your business but also help expand it through fostering connections in the industry & establishing an indomitable image in the market. Our approach is unique & free from destructive flaws. Whatever we do for you, gets you recognition, productivity, faith & efficiency.

We are proud to claim ourselves as more than an agency. We possess immense knowledge on Digital Marketing, IT Support, Human Resources & Branding & thus, believe in serving you in the most cost-effective & ergonomic way. We ensure full transparency so that you can count on
us for your “big plans for success”. 

For Startups & SMB’s

Our comprehensive & inclusive approach guides you along the way to success. From ‘concept’ to ‘end-product’, we take care of everything, including Design & Development, Human Resources, IT support & Digital Marketing that helps in upscaling your business.


To understand your product better, the briefing is important. Accordingly, we devise suitable technologies & marketing strategies that help you realise your vision.

Creating, Conducting & Presenting Audit

A step-by-step internal Audit programme to critically examine anomalies in product development & devising suitable solutions accordingly.

Campaign Report 

Preparing a report of the campaign; defining your targets & strategies to achieve the target.

Planning Framework

This is the time when your Campaign needs a body, a comprehensive Framework to carry out your objectives. We design the whole campaign & lead to its execution. .

Campaign objectives touchpoints

Crafting out touchpoints of your Campaign & clarification of campaign highlights.


Working on your concept is the second step in Business Augmentation. We assist you in developing your product/service through our staunch yet flexible development modules.

Campaign Planning

To prepare your product for a launch, campaigning is required. We Plan out feasible campaigns that help kickstart your product’s journey in the market.

Defining customer stage

Customer lifecycle consists of stages like considering, buying, using, and remaining loyal to a particular product or service. This lifecycle is broken down into five distinct stages: reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty.

Design system

Assisting in design aspects & working on improving them is one of our goals. We provide attractive designs at cost-effective avenues.

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305, Shivai Plaza, Marol Cooperative Industrial Estate Road, Marol Andheri(E), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

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